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Maria Rohman, co-founder of WILD swimrun, a girl who organizes swimrun camps with Fanny Kuhn and inspires women and girls to swimrun. If you watched the live-broadcast of the World Championship ÖTILLÖ this year would most likely remember the reporter on distance.It was Maria.
" For women by women "
Maria Rohman, co-founder of WILD swimrun, a girl who organizes swimrun camps with Fanny Kuhn and inspires women and girls to swimrun. If you watched the live-broadcast of the World Championship ÖTILLÖ this year would most likely remember the reporter on distance.
It was Maria.
— Could you tell us your story in swimrun? How did you get to know about swimrun?
— I was a bit curious about triathlon and wanted to learn how to swim the front crawl. I was working for a running company and one of the coaches was also a swim coach. Three months after my first crawl lesson I went on a Swimrun camp with Envol Coaching and after that I was totally hooked. That was three years ago.
— What was your first experience? How was your first race?
— At the camp with Envol Coaching I tried trail running and open water for the first time. I guess swimming in turquoise water kind of made me fall in love with open water. My first race was 5 months after that with a guy who I had met at the local triathlon club. It was the first time for both of us. I had broken my toe that summer and hadn't run for 6 weeks leading up to the race so it was quite tough. It was also really slippery and wet conditions. But I still loved it!
— What is WILD Swimrun? What are you doing?
— We are a community of women of all ages and nationalities. We want more women to try swimrun and believe it to be a fantastic way to both be one with nature and to feel good about yourself.
We help make the sport easier and more accessible via our camps, club and events. Not only the participants are women; we try to promote local female entrepreneurs and coaches. "For women by women".

— What is the goal and mission of WILD Swimrun?
— To have more women doing Swimrun. We see that women need to support women and learn that from an early age. We have also seen and experienced how swimrun injects confidence and happiness in everyone who tries it. To move through nature together with others create wonderful bonds. Via WILD Swimrun, women of all ages and nationalities come together. We have had an age span of 16-56 years old in one camp, which is pretty amazing.
— How did you get an idea about creating WILD Swimrun?
— My personal situation changed and I felt a strong need to show other women the beautiful area of Costa Brava, especially swimrunning. Many of us get caught up in family life and don't do much for themselves when they have families and kids. I wanted to create an easy way to go abroad and have a few days "off". And I actually wanted to meet more friends!
— Why did you choose such a name, what does WILD mean?
— Costa Brava means Wild Coast and that's where we held the first camp. We played around with the word and now the letters stand for: We Inspire Live Dream. Also we all need to be a bit more wild sometimes, out there in the wilderness, and we think this reflects the sport as well!
— Why is it for women only?
— Endurance Sports sees a much higher percentage of men participating than women, and swimrun is no exception. We want to increase the number of women trying the sport, and we have seen that with an all-female environment it feels a bit easier for many to get into it. We also showcase female coaches and want to be a driving force within this rather new sport!
— What are the specificities of your training camps? How do they differ from others?
— Our first year we were one of the few ones who offered a camp for beginners. I believe we have been successful because the camps are over a long weekend (people don't have to take too many days off work), affordable and in stunning but accessible locations. Fanny and I spend quite a lot of time preparing before, during and after to ensure that the time and money spent is worth it for every participant. Of course we constantly try to improve and get better all the time.
— How often do you organize training camps?
— First year we did two, second year three and in 2020 we aim at three with the first one being the WILD Roadtrip 2-5 April in Costa Brava.
— Do you have organized regular training apart from camps?
— Since our community is global it's hard to have physical scheduled sessions. We try to inspire via our social channels and I try to invite women to join my sessions. Many of us newer to the sport might not have a regular group they swim or run with.
We organise meet-ups before some larger races and help out with advice on equipment, swimrun partners and courses.
— How many women take part in WILD swimrun?
— At camps we have had a maximum of 20 people, to make them personal and safe. In our Community it's hard to say since everyone is welcome. We are really looking forward to next year to see how many that will join the WILD Club!
— What is you plan of development of WILD Swimrun?
— We focus on three things:
WILD Community: Continue building the female swimrun community (via forums, camps, gatherings, articles etc.). Everyone is welcome.
WILD Club: To launch our sports club. Open to all women who want to receive training sessions, discounts from partners and meet likeminded people and maybe future partners. Level is irrelevant to us, we are a mix of elite to total beginners. There will be a yearly membership fee.
WILD Youth: We want to invest in the next generation. We currently have a scholarship for two women between the age of 15-20 to join our Camp in April. We hope to be able to organise youth-only camps next year. Of course to also support young women entering swimrun.
— How do you combine family, job, sport, WILD Swimrun?
— Good question, I really don't know. I think I have a constant feeling of never having enough hours or that nothing gets one hundred percent done unfortunately. I work full time and my two children are quite young and I have them every second week (shared custody with their father, which is common here in Sweden) so those weeks it's difficult to squeeze the training in. I suffered a severe knee injury about a year ago so training has become a must if I ever want to be able to run or even function normally in daily life. I try to be active with my kids and when we go outside and play I try to incorporate some functional training. 10 squats are better than no squats - that's my motto!
WILD Swimrun is something we do in our spare time. Something that gives us a lot of energy. However, for us, it's very important that what we do is of high quality and well thought through and executed.
— Why swimrun?
— It's the combination of being one with nature and doing physical activity. It's also about the community and being part of something that is "new". There aren't that many dos and don'ts. It's just to get out there and do it. I also get to meet people that I would never have met otherwise which truly enriches my life.