all that you wanted to know but were afraid to ask
What should I wear?
Usually is two options:

- wetsuit / neoprene shorts or pants / neoprene top
- swimrun top and shorts / triathlon race suit

Wetsuit for swimrun is different from a regular wetsuit for open water swimming, it is convenient to run and swim. HEAD swimming a great wetsuits and wear for swimrun. When choosing clothes for competition, please, consider your individual characteristics and ability to run and swim in cold and hot conditions
Which equipment to use?
Participants are allowed to use wetsuits, pull buoys, paddles, mattresses, life jackets, etc. provided that athletes carry it themselves from start to finish.

We recommend (but not necessary) to use paddles and pull buoys
Why in swimrun are used
a pull buoy?
Swimrun is swimming in shoes, so kicking is useless while swimming. If you are not professional swimmer, then your legs will sink and slow down your pace. We use pull bouy for buoyancy and better position of body in water. Using it is optional
Why in swimrun are used
a paddles?
In swimrun legs works on running sections and hands on swimming. Paddles are usually used to increase power and speed. Important take right size paddles. If you take too large paddles and your hands are not ready for them the effect will be the opposite: muscles will quickly acidify and swimming speed will drop
Which shoes to choose?
Any comfortable sneakers you are used to will be good. Running in swimrun goes mainly through the forest, trails and forest roads. So, good choice will be shoes for trailrunning
Will wet shoes make corns?
Wet sneakers do not disturb if you wear good socks. Just in case, you can use a waterproof tape in places where there is a risk of corns
Should I wear socks?
Socks must be wear necessarily. Otherwise sand, dirt, silt, small stones ets. falling into sneakers when running out of the water will disturb your feet. Socks should be tight, fit well to your foot and not be slip. You can use long socks, including compression, if you are used to running with them
Why do we need a rope?
Rope helps teams, where partners are different in speed in water or on land. A stronger swimmer can pull a partner in the swimming sections. At the same time bright rope or elastic band helps to navigate well in the water and second swimmer does not need to raise his head, he just follow the rope. A stronger runner can also pull up a running mate. If you do not need a rope during running, you can wrap it around yourself or just hold it in your hands on short running sections
How to carry a food?
If you running in swimrun wetsuit, it has special inner pockets. You can use waist bag or triathlon belt or take a backpack with a hydropack. HEAD swimming produce special tops for swimrun which have 3-5 pockets for food and drink.
What is included in the first-aid kit?
- sterile wipe
- pressure bandage
- waterproof tape
- pain medication (if necessary)
- individual medicaments (if necessary)

You can carry it in a small hermetic package or phone case or make a waterproof first-aid kit yourself
Remember! All equipment and food that you are going to use in competitions must be checked during training! Good luck at the competition!