What is Swimrun
Swimrun is a sport which combines openwaterswimming and trailrunning.
Distances include many segments of swimming and running. Participants need to change disciplines many times during the race without transit zones for changing clothes.
Racers swim in clothes (or wetsuits) and shoes, and then run in wetsuits (or wet clothes) and wet shoes. Competitions are always held outdoors and in open water, so we have no standard rules on how long swimming and running segments should be, and how often they replace each other.
Basic equipment: wetsuit for swimrun (or tight-fitting clothing in warm weather conditions) and shoes for trailrunning, which remove water quickly. Participants are allow to use paddles, pull bouys, flippers and other swimming equipment (but not necessary). Participants have to carry all equipment themselves from start to finish.
Swimrun is more than just a sport! Swimrun is a challenge to yourself. Heat and cold, waves and wind, woods and rocks, wet sneakers and a wetsuit while running, shoes while swimming, team work and many other factors make swimrun difficult, but an exciting challenge and real adventure.